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From Idea to Realisation

noun [‚bʌskǝ] – a musician or performer who busks for money

A few years ago a couple of friends came up with the idea for the festival on their travels through Europe. After some research work the conclusion was inevitable: Vienna needs a festival like this!

From our first entative steps in 2011, The Buskers festival Vienna has grown into one of the most colourful, innovative and diverse Street Art Festival in Europe, which guarantees highest quality and professionalism.

This unique celebration of street art focusses on fairness and solidarity and also offers up-and-coming artists a chance to perform. Since 2011 the Karlsplatz, located in the heart of Vienna, offers the perfect setting for this street art festival. The baroque Church of St. Charles, the pond, the bark and the children’s playgrounds located on the compound offer all requirements for this massive spectacle. On the six denoted spots artists start their performances at every full hour. In the year 2015, 40 artists from over 14 Nations showed their skills and prowess to an amazed audience. The programme is broadend by so-called Walk-acts, artists without a designated performance area, such as stilt walkers.
In addition we also offer a kids’ specatle, that offers various workshops, arts and crafts and as well as a make-up corner for children of all ages. We also offer a number of workshops on the topic of upcycling and recycling, because sustainability has always played a big role in the Buskers Festival Vienna.

Next to the Popfest Vienna, the Buskers Festival has become one of the largest Open Air Events at the Karlsplatz and in the region, with more than 80.000 visitors each year.

Buskers Vienna stands for international street art that fosters creativity and interactions between visitors. With its uniqueness and carefree joy of life families and especially children, are given an understanding of the diversity and beauty of street art. More information can be found here